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Make money doing Smart Watch deliveries in your city

Scroll down for pricing and specs on the available Smart Watches  

We have recently introduced Smart Watches as one of our new products. These watches are immensely popular and is our top selling product at the moment. These watches are so well priced that people think its a scam. Similar watches from other brands retails for R2000 - R5000, compared to our watches which retails for R330 - R615

The retail price calculation on the IS-JD09 smart watch is R451 (cost price) + R50 (handling fee) + delivery.
For example: the selling price including delivery to a client in Cape Town will be R451 + R50 + R110 courier fees = R611 that the client will pay.

Resellers can make a reasonable profit by selling smart watches and doing the deliveries themselves. 
Using the example of Cape Town deliveries, the delivery price of R110 is for the first 10kg. This means if you order 1 watch your courier cost is R110 or if you order 30 watches then your courier price is still R110.

By ordering a few watches at a time, resellers can then do the deliveries themselves and still charge the client R110 for delivery.
Resellers also dont pay the R50 handling fee when ordering from us but can add this charge when selling to clients.

If you purchase 30 watches then your cost price is R451 x 30 = R13530
Still using the Cape Town example, your courier fee will be R110
Your selling price to clients will be R611 so your sales income will be R18330.
Less your cost price and courier fees gives you a profit of R4690 on 30 watches.
If you can keep your fuel costs low on your delivery vehicle then you can make a reasonable clean profit.

We have used Cape Town as an example but we deliver country wide so you can sell watches in any city in South Africa.

To sign-up as a reseller costs R200 per month. Click here to register now if you don't have a reseller account yet. If you already have a reseller account then email sales1@computerwholesalers.co.za for quotes on the watches.

Note to current resellers: We have many retail clients that are not comfortable with ordering online and would prefer to pay cash on delivery, we then refer these clients to our reseller list, if you are on our reseller list then please make sure your contact details are up to date:
If you have any questions then please email charmaine@cwsa.co.za
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