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Get your own Online Computer Shop with 40,000+ products, for R200 p/month



WEBSITE WITH ONLINE SHOP (including web hosting for the shop and monthly product and pricing updates)

R200 per month 

COMPUTER RESELLER ACCOUNT (includes a drop-shipping service and gives you access to all the suppliers in the shop)

R500 once-off

co.za Domain registration

R85 per year

To setup and maintain an online computer shop yourself is hard work and time consuming because there are thousands of computer products to sell. The products and prices also change very often, in some cases daily because computer related items are imported and therefor linked to the R/$ exchange rate.

We have created a website with with an online shop that resellers can use to start making online sales. We register a domain for the reseller and then install the website and shop on the reseller's domain. We then import all the products from the various wholesale suppliers into the shop. When one of the suppliers releases a new pricelist then we update the reseller's shop with the new products and prices from that supplier. Because there are so many products in the shop, we are not able to have product images for all the products, but we are loading new product images daily to hopefully have images on all products in the near future.


The client will search and select the items he wants. To protect resellers against stock problems and pricing changes, we have placed the following notice on the site:
"NOTICE: Listed prices excludes VAT and delivery charges. Due to changing stock levels and R/$ fluctuations we must first check availability and current pricing at the supplier when you submit your order request. If stock is available and pricing is still the same then we will send you banking details for payment so that we can process your order. If stock is not available or pricing have changed then we will send you a quote on an alternative or new pricing."

The shop then sends an email with the details of the order to the client and the reseller. The reseller can then forward this email to a Computer Wholesalers sales person. We will then check stock and current pricing from the supplier and send a quote to the reseller. If stock is available and pricing is still the same then the reseller can send his banking details to the client. After the client have made payment then the reseller can place the order with Computer Wholesalers. We then collect the stock from the supplier, package the order and arrange delivery to the client.


Resellers choose their own profit margin that they want to sell their products at. The cost price of the products are imported into the shop, the profit margin then gets added to the price and then only the selling price is displayed on the website.
Resellers get admin access to the website so you can change the profit margin yourself at any time. You can also make changes to the site yourself by changing the template, colours, fonts, background, etc ...
You can add extra pages to the site and change existing pages, images, wording and contact information.

You have the option to display prices to the public or to require customer registration to view prices.
If you are not registered for VAT then we can remove all VAT references on the site


We dont offer a payment gateway because its to expensive on computer products.
A credit card transaction can easily cost you 6% of the purchase price. Example: if you sell a laptop for R10,000 and accept payment via credit card then that single transaction will cost you R600.
We recommend that resellers only accept EFT and Bank Deposit as payment options.


After we have collected your order from the supplier(s) then be package it securely to be transported. Each order can be sent either with our couriers for door delivery or with the Post Office. If we send it with the Post Office then the parcel will go to your client's nearest Post Office branch. Your client can then collect at the Post Office by taking his tracking number and ID or drivers license. Post Office charges are the same to any destination in SA, this makes it easier to quote your client for delivery. To simplify delivery charges, we suggest you list the following rates on your website. R95 for the first 5kg, thereafter R6 per kg. Most computer components fall under 5kg so R95 should cover most of your orders. The actual cost is R45 for the first kg, thereafter R6 per kg. 
We only invoice you the reseller for delivery after we have sent the parcel, but when you quote your client you need to include the delivery charges, so you need to estimate the best you can.

Door delivery with our couriers is more expensive than sending with the Post Office. Far-out areas costs more than delivery to major cities. See our delivery rates for pricing guidelines, but for more accurate pricing, you need to tell us what you want to send and where is it going then we can give you a courier estimate.

We had very little damage and no theft instances on parcels with both Internet Express our courier company and the Post Office, but if your customer wants peace of mind then the parcel can be insured against theft and damage while being transported. The insurance cost is 3% of the parcel value.

When we complete the waybills for parcels then we put your (the reseller) details as the sender, so your client knows the parcel comes from you and not Computer Wholesalers

Faulty items that fall under the warranty period can be sent back to us. Your clients can send it with the Post Office to our PO Box address. We then take the item back to the supplier. The repaired or replaced item is then sent back to the client.
The client is responsible for the postage cost to send warranty items to us. We then invoice you the reseller for postage to send the item back to the client


If you already own a domain that you want to install the shop on then you can transfer the domain to us. If you don't want to transfer the domain to us then you can create a sub-domain on your primary domain and point only the sub-domain to our server. We then install the shop on the sub-domain.
If you don't own a domain yet then we can register a new domain for you. co.za registration is R85 and .com registration is R200
When your domain is hosted with us then can can choose to have the shop installed on your primary domain (domain root) or you also have the option to create a sub-domain and have the shop installed on the sub-domain. You can then create your own website on the primary domain and create a link between the main site and the shop
On primary domain: yourowndomainname.co.za
On sub domain called "shop": shop.yourowndomainame.co.za


The complete website with online shop is R200 p/m. If you pay by debit order then you get a R50 p/m discount so then you pay only R150 p/m.
The price includes the initial installation, web hosting for the shop and monthly shop updates (products, pricing and product image updates).

If you don't have your own accounts at suppliers and you want us to do your drop-shipping then you also have to register for our Computer Reseller service.
When you sign-up as a Computer Reseller then we give you access to all our wholesale suppliers. We get you quotes from the suppliers, we place and collect your orders from the suppliers, and we package your orders and deliver it to your clients.
To sign-up as a Computer Reseller costs R500 once-off for a life registration. With this option you get all the stock you order at cost price, we only charge a 3% handling fee on the items you order.
If you don't want to pay the 3% handling fee then you can sign-up for the monthly Computer Reseller option which is R200 per month, then you get all your stock at cost price with no handling fees.
We recommend that you sign-up for the R500 once-off option first. Once your monthly sales exceeds R10,000 then it will be economically better to upgrade to the no handling fee option.

Another service you might want to consider is Virtual Office. As an online business you also want to have a reputable presences. Virtual Office gives you a 011 Telkom fixed line number. When a client phones this number then professional call center staff answers the call. They answer the call as a receptionist for your company and will then forward the call to your cellphone. If you are not available then they will take a message from the client and email or sms the message to you.
Virtual Office have their offices in Sandton City and you can use their physical address as your own, so you can have a Sandton, Johannesburg physical address on your website.
The cost for Virtual Office is R695 per month and is not done by Computer Wholesalers but a third party. This is purely optional and is something you might want to consider only once you see your business growing. If you are interested in this service then let us know and we will give you the Virtual Office contact details 


You don't need to be a registered business to register as a reseller. You can trade as a sole proprietor which means you don't have to formally register your business


We will need the following to start your shop installation:
1. Email address that order requests must be sent to
2. Contact number for the site
3. Company registration number and VAT number (if you don't have one then please igonre)
4. Profit margin to add on products
5. Company logo (if you dont have one then you can send it to us later)
6. Favicon (this is a miniature version of your logo that is used in browser tabs at the top. If you dont have a Favicon then please create one here: www.favicon.cc)
7. Link to your facebook page (if you have one)
8. On what domain must the shop be installed on
9. Do you want it installed on the main domain or in a sub-domain called "shop"

 If you have any questions then please email charmaine@cwsa.co.za

Or click here to sign-up now (Computer Reseller + Online Shop) 


 When you register as a reseller then you get access to the following wholesale suppliers:

4. COREX    5. MUSTEK   6. KAIRA
10.  PARTNERTECH    11.  SONIC    12.  ASBIS
13. OMEGA   14. TVR   15. EUROBYTE
19. SYNTECH   20. MICROPOINT      


Resellers pay R280 for this touch screen cellphone watch
Click here to register as a reseller

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